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About the project

The Senses in Polish Culture. Representations of the Human Senses in Language, Literature, and Art from the Middle Ages to the Present.

The project is devoted to the issues of sensuality interpreted as a historically variable set of forms representing the human senses (e.g., sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, the body). The research purpose of the project is to present sensuality in a wide cultural context – e.g., literature, language, art, philosophy, folk culture, history, theatre – and a variety of problems associated with each of the senses.

The subject of the project (to be extended in the future) is sensuality in Polish culture. Therefore, contexts of other national cultures serve only as points of reference or are presented in comparative perspective. The project is being implemented online in the form of a website serving as a multimedia Internet thematic encyclopedia.

Due to the planned development of the site content and the possibility of unlimited linking of the entries with other Internet resources, the project is a typical work in progress. Each entry – if not already linked to other websites and resources – may at any time be supplemented with other media content (illustrations, pictures, visualizations, animations, simulations, audio and video recordings, etc.). Our users have indices and search engines at their disposal to find entries and topics of their interest.